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University of Donja Gorica


UDG 成立于 2007 年,是由两位杰出的大学教授 Veselin Vukotic 和 Dragan Vukcevic 多年来发展起来的创业理念的结果。

UDG 目前在五个学院提供本科学习:国际经济、金融和商业学院;法学院;信息系统与技术学院、艺术学院和人文学院。

Brief Introduction:

UDG was founded in 2007 as the result of entreprenurial idea which was developed over the years by two ditinguished university professors, Veselin Vukotic and Dragan Vukcevic.

UDG currently offers undergraduate studies at five faculties: the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business; the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, the Faculty of Arts, and the Humanities.

联系方式 Contact Information

电话/ Tel:+382 (0)20 410 777

邮箱/ E-mail:udg@udg.edu.me

网址/ Website:https://www.udg.edu.me/en/

地址/ Address: Oktoih 1 81000 Podgorica Crna Gora