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学校设有12个二级学院和研究生部、社会科学部、体育部3个教学部。有现代教育技术中心、建筑设计研究院及11个研究所,有36个教学实验中心(室)、81个校外实习基地。学校图书馆藏书87.24万册,电子图书34.44万册,国内外期刊2094种。学校现有38个本科专业和6个专科专业。学校在教育部本科教学工作水平评估中获得“优秀”;土木工程、建筑环境与设备工程、工程管理以及建筑学等专业先后通过了国家住房和城乡建设部的专业教育评估。2013年学校被列为硕士学位授权单位,开创了研究生教育。3个一级学科获得学术型硕士学位授予权, 2个领域获得专业硕士学位授予权。

Brief Introduction:

Hebei University of Architecture is one of an academic institution in Hebei Province,which is authorized by the State Council to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Founded in 1950, the school, based on civil engineering and architecture, is a characteristic institution of more than 60 years, in which disciplines like engineering, management, science and arts have been developing rapidly. Located in the city of Zhangjiakou, the university has 3 campuses: Chaoyang, Jianguo and Linyuan, covering an area of 1,176 acres which include 311,000-square meters building area. The number of staff is 647, among whom 472 are teaching staff. According to the latest statistics, among the teaching staff, 236 are professors and associate professors, 382 own master’s or doctor’s degree. The academician Wang Mengshu from the Chinese Academy of Engineering was employed as honorary president. The teaching staff are reasonably structured and professionally qualified. There are 10,342 full-time undergraduate and higher vocational students, 9,259 on-the-job students. The university has 10 secondary schools: School of Architecture and Art, School of Civil Engineering, School of Energy and Environment Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Information Engineering, School of Science, School of Foreign Languages and School of Adult education, 3 teaching institutions: Graduate Faculty, Social Science department and Sports Department. It has Modern Educational Technology Center, Architecture Design Institute, 11 research institutions, 53 teaching and research sections,27 laboratories and test centers,2 school factories,72 practice bases and 7 scientific research bases. The library has 712,000 books and 284,400 e-books, 2094 periodicals home and abroad. There are 27 majors for bachelor’s degree, 8 majors for higher vocational education, 2 national specialty construction bases, 2 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial developing key disciplines, 1 provincial applied technology research and development centre,5 national featured majors, 3 provincial educational innovation bases,1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and 1 provincial practical education base in the university. The university received the Excellence Reward in Undergraduate Teaching Assessment performed the Ministry of Education in 2008. Majors of civil engineering, building environment and equipment engineering and engineering management have passed professional education assessment performed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural since 2009.The University has cultivated more than 60,000 graduates since it was founded. It has provided many outstanding talents for the country for architecture, design, machinery, electricity and transportation industry etc., so it is called “the Huangpu Military Academy” in Hebei Province which cultivates civil construction personnel.

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联系人/ Contact Person:徐海涛 Xu Haitao (Mr.)

电话/ Tel:+86 313 4187616

邮箱/ E-mail:xuhaitao81601@126.com

网址/ Website:http://www.hebiace.edu.cn/

地址/ Address: 河北省张家口市朝阳西大街13号 075000

No.13, Changyangxi Street, Jingkai District, Zhangjiakou, China, 075000