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Changchun University of Architecture and Engineering



Changchun University of Architecture and Engineering


长春建筑学院,位于吉林省长春市,是经教育部批准设立的一所全日制民办普通普通高等学校,是教育部人工智能学院首批项目培育学校、吉林省首批试点转型发展试点校、吉林省硕士学位授予权立项建设单位,入选吉林省“三全育人”综合改革试点高校、吉林省卓越工程师教育培养计划实施学校,为 “一带一路”建筑类大学国际联盟成员高校。



Brief Introduction:

Changchun University of Architecture, located in Changchun City, Jilin Province, is a full-time private institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education institute of artificial intelligence is the first project to cultivate school, the first batch of pilot experimental transformation development, jilin province, jilin province, started a master's degree award authority construction unit, in jilin province "three full" comprehensive reform pilot school of a college education, jilin province outstanding engineers training plan, for all the way "area" construction university international alliance members in colleges and universities.

Changchun University of Architecture and Architecture was founded in June 2000, formerly known as Architectural and Decoration College of Jilin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In February 2004, it was recognized by the Ministry of Education as an independent college for the implementation of general higher education. In April 2011, it was officially approved by the Ministry of Education to be transformed into an independent private undergraduate university. In December 2017, it was identified as the project construction unit of master degree awarding authority in Jilin Province.

As of December 2020, the university has two campuses, namely Sheling Campus and Gaoxin Campus, covering an area of 903,200 square meters with a floor space of 399,300 square meters. The library has a collection of 1,255,300 volumes and a total value of teaching and research equipment of 10,1.51 million yuan. It has 15 teaching units and offers 43 undergraduate majors. There are 433 full-time teachers, 371 foreign teachers, 804 full-time teachers and 14450 full-time undergraduates in the school.

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网址/ Website:http://www.jladi.com

地址/ Address:北校区地址:奢岭校区:吉林省长春市双阳区奢岭高校园区


Sheling Campus: Sheling College Park, Shuangyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province

Hi-tech Campus: No. 1519, Huoju Road, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province