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Irkutsk National Research Technical University



Brief Introduction:

March 3, 2015, began a new stage in the history of Irkutsk State Technical University. Now the university is called – the Irkutsk National Research  State Technical University – INRTU.

Today INRTU – a university with the best traditions of Russian engineering school with a strong educational, scientific and innovative potential. The University includes 10 institutes, 6 faculties, with an enrollment of over 18 thousand students. Training is carried out in Russian.

In the year 85 – the anniversary of the leading technical university, covering the territory from Tomsk to Khabarovsk, meets with a new name, new challenges, and prospects for the future.

The university’s mission – to provide quality, affordable, modern education, transformed through the development of science and technology education for graduates of the new formation, capable of practical implementation of the acquired knowledge in science, business, entrepreneurship.

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电话/ Tel:+7 (985) 524-70-31

邮箱/ E-mail:info@irsmu.com

网址/ Website:https://www.inrtu.com