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Brief Introduction:

Currently, the Ural State School of Architecture is one of the largest universities in Russia in terms of fine art architecture. The college has more than 3,000 students and graduate students. The number of recruits each year is 550. There are more than 250 faculty and staff. Among them, there are 25 professors and doctors, and more than 100 associate professors and associate doctors. Three are members of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, three have received national awards, and more than 100 architects, designers and artists. Fifteen people have been awarded the title of National Architect, Artist and Social Activists of Russia. Ural National Institute of Architectural Art has 5 departments, including the Department of Architecture, the Department of Design, the School of Urbanism and the School of Sketch Art, and has 3 branch schools. Major in design, interior decoration art, architecture, sketching and so on. The Urals National School of Architecture and Art produces a large number of graduates who have made outstanding achievements in architecture, art and culture, education, science, organization and social activities, which are recognized by the school and the Urals region as a whole, Russia and other countries.

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