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China Silk Road Group Co., Ltd. (CSG)



China Silk Road Group Co., Ltd. (CSG)



Brief Introduction:

With the guiding ideology of “Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits”, China Silk Road Group Co., Ltd. (CSG) holds a value system of “Moving toward to common development, Fostering a shared future”. CSG has been actively assisting governments, enterprises and other organizations to participate in the “One Belt and One Road Initiatives”, and has been focusing on the construction of a digitalize Silk Road. CSG contributes to the establishment of new ecology of the digital economy in order to power the sustainable development of the global economy.

CSRG and the United Nations Trade and Development Conference (UNCTAD), together with other institutions, initiated and promoted the "Block chain-based Online Dispute Resolution (DODR) for Cross-border Trade”.CSG takes the Digital Trade Infrastructure (DTI) business as the core area of development, its business includes Digital Trade Infrastructure (DTI), Industrial Finance, Spatial-Temporal Big Data Applications, Energy Infrastructure, Medical & Health Service, International Trade, Public Welfare & Cultural Programs.

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网址/ Website:https://www.chinasrg.com/#/

地址/ Address: 北京市海定区北太平路16号院

NO.16, BeiTaiPingLu, HaiDian District, Beijing, China