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The Rector of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University welcomed by President of Shandong University Li Shucai


Lenar Safin opined that educational cooperation is an organic part of comprehensive ties between the two provinces – Tatarstan and Shandong. Importantly, Shandong was the first ever province of China to sign a cooperation agreement with Tatarstan – that was back in 2008. As part of its partnership strategy, KFU has many links with educational institutions and companies of Shandong.

Li Shucai expressed his high opinion of KFU’s potential and showed interest in deepening the existing collaboration. Much attention was paid to ancient Chinese manuscripts stored at Kazan University’s Lobachevsky Library.

The sides agreed to further discuss their priorities during a planned visit to Kazan by Shandong University delegates in2024.

Source: KFU