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Seifullin University expands the boundaries of cooperation with France


On May 4, 2023, S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University was visited by Cyril Josse, head of Synetics and Chairman of the Board of JSC "Asyl Tulik", Seisenov Bolat Sekenovich.

The guests were met by Mr. Tokbergenov I.T., Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, and Mrs. Meiramova S.A., Director of the International Relations Department.

For reference: Synetics is a unique co-operative in the scale of its genetic offer; there are more than 20 programs of united selection program of Holstein breed and other breeds of dairy and meat direction and also breeding programs of dairy goats.

Synetics' intentions:

- Transfer of technologies, breeding programs, genetic and biological material to improve Kazakhstan's breeding industry;

- Participation of Kazakh research institutes of cattle breeding in joint scientific and technical projects with leading institutes of cattle breeding in Europe.

Synetics propose to introduce breeding programs in Kazakhstan, which should be an integral part of the National Program of livestock breeding with certain goals and objectives of development of the livestock industry.

With the joint participation of Seifullin University Synetics, LLP KAZNIIZHIK and JSC "Asyl Tulik" is expected to develop breeding programs for zoned cattle breeds to improve the productivity of meat and dairy qualities of livestock (Auliekolskaya, Kazakh white-headed, Alatau, Aulietinskaya).