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Time-Tested Relationships: SPbGASU And SIMETRA Signed Two Cooperation Documents


On 2 May, St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the SIMETRA group of companies signed a partnership agreement and a license agreement for the use of software.

“Our relationship has stood the test of time. They have been developing since 2015, resulting in successfully implemented projects in the scientific field and examples of how joint activities have contributed to the growth of the practice-oriented nature of our educational programs. Today’s event logically continues the ongoing cooperation and takes it to a higher level,” noted Sergey Mikhailov, Vice-Rector for Educational Activity.

SIMETRA Group also considers SPbGASU a strategic partner. Vladimir Shvetsov, SIMETRA CEO, spoke about the first conferences of transport engineers held at the university and that many graduates of our university work at SIMETRA. Vladimir Leonidovich expressed confidence that there will be even more such employees.

Sergey Mikhailov reported that 85 percent of SPbGASU graduates are employed in their specialty. This is a fairly high statistical indicator. The management of the university would like to see well-trained specialists to come to their workplaces who can make independent decisions and participate in various stages of their implementation. This will be facilitated by the partnership agreement. The document provides for a wide range of areas of joint activity, including joint work on educational programs and their digital transformation.

The signing of documents strengthens the position of the SPbGASU Faculty of Automobile and Road Building. Now it is one of the leading faculties with good material, technical and laboratory bases, personnel, including managers and employees of specialized organizations - industrial partners of the university.

Source: SPbGASU