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Call for Participation: Global Project Based-Learning in Sustainable Building: Innovation and Solution


Ⅰ. Program Overview

The Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) has been dedicated to fostering and expanding exchanges and cooperation with universities and research institutions along the Belt and Road countries with various flagship activities such as education forums and expos, summer schools, international student competitions, and Global Campus: Exchange Program for Summer Schools.

As the first program included in Global Campus: Exchange Program for Summer Schools, this year’s Global Project-based-Learning or GPBL, under the theme of Sustainable Building: Innovation and Solution, is co-organized by the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and VIVES Belgium in collaboration with ITS, and aims to foster a global perspective on sustainable building practices by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to engage in a collaborative learning experience. This event is also supported by elevator industry leader, KONE, and offers a unique blend of courses, hands-on projects, and site visits.

We invite students from BRAUIC members to join us! Only 10 places saved, offering special program fee!

Ⅱ. Area for Case Studies

● Pasar Pabean-Kalimas River Cruise-Surabaya Waterfront City

● Pasar Blauran-Siola-Tunjungan

● Ex-Hi-Tech Mall-Taman Hiburan Rakyat-Taman Remaja Surabaya

● Pasar Bulak-Kampung Warna Warni

● Jembatan Merah Plaza-Kya Kya-Kota Tua Surabaya

● Sunan Ampel Religious Tourism Sunan Ampel

Ⅲ. Timeline

Ⅳ. Program Fee for BRAUIC Member Students

● USD 140: including Accommodation, Daily meals, Local transport, Airport pick-up, Airport drop off.

● USD 240: including all the above-mentioned items with Bromo Trip

Note: Cash on-site payment.

Ⅴ. Requirements

- Active bachelor or master student, preferably majoring in:

1. Civil Engineering

2. Architecture

3. Urban and Regional Planning

4. Other engineering majors

- Proficient in English

- Highly motivated and committed

Ⅵ. Registration

Register link:its.id/RegistrationGPBLBRAUIC


10 places for BRAUIC member students! You’ll receive an email notification when your admission decision is ready.

Ⅶ. Deadline

Register before 20 March 2024!

Ⅷ. Contact Person

Contact Person: Mr. Raynaldi



In August 2023, the Global Project-Based Learning (GPBL) project was jointly delivered by the BRAUIC together with the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember in Indonesia and KONE Corporation, comprising short-term courses and competitions. The event was themed “The Future of Sustainable Architecture: Innovation and Collaboration”. As a significant part of the Global Campus: Exchange Program for Summer Schools and international student competitions, it has attracted over 200 students and teachers from 12 universities and 5 countries.