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State Company « Russian Highways»



State Company « Russian Highways»


俄罗斯国家公路公司(Russian Highways State Company)作为“欧洲-中国西部”国际交通走廊建设的唯一发包商,已与中国交建、中国铁建国际集团签署有关合作备忘录。“欧洲-中国西部”国际交通走廊是贯穿俄罗斯、哈萨克斯坦、中国的大规模综合投资项目,通车后将极大缩短中国至中亚和欧洲的陆上运输时间,带动丝绸之路经济带沿线国家的经济发展,已被列入俄罗斯联邦交通干线基础设施全面扩建计划。

Brief Introduction:

The State Company 《 Russian Highways》 is the leading developmentinstitute in Russia in the field of construction and management of highway network. The mission of the State Company is to provide fast comfortable and safe travel for road users by linking cities and caring about the environment.

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网址/ Website:https://russianhighways.ru/

地址/ Address: 9 Strastnoy Boulevard, Moscow, 127006, Russian Federation