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University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France






Brief Introduction:

The Marne-Lavale University is a multidisciplinary university founded in 1991 and has been developing a high-level teaching that combines academic knowledge with vocational training. As an important player in the development of eastern Paris, the Marne-Lavale University currently offers more than 170 diplomas from bachelor's to doctoral degrees, one-third of which are professional chemical calendars. The school currently has 1,1,500 students, covering a wide range of subjects, including: art, mathematics, computer information, materials science, literature, language, economic management, humanities and social sciences.

The Marne-Lavale University is located in the eastern suburbs of Paris, about 20 km from Paris, and 10 minutes from the city centre of Paris.

The Marne-Lavale University was attached to the University of Paris 7th 1989, formerly known as the University of Science and Technology. In 1991, it was independently established as a comprehensive science and technology university with its headquarters in the Marne Valley in the suburbs of Paris. The school trains college students, graduate students and doctoral students, with a total of 110 majors. There are also 8 research institutes, 4 technical colleges and 17 laboratories. There are currently 15,000 students in school.

The Marne-Lavale University has its own originality in the fields of special industry management, information engineering and new materials science, and has won very high evaluation. Because it is a new school, both the school building and various facilities are very modern. This superior hardware condition is unmatched by universities in Paris.

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