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Long-term friendship: RAU Rector Edward Sandoyan visited SPbPU


On October 26, Rector of the Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University, Doctor of Economic Sciences of RA and RF, Professor, Full Member (Academician) of the Academy of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences of Armenia Edward Sandoyan paid an official visit to Polytechnic University. For many years SPbPU has been a strategic partner of RAU, an expert and coordinator of development programs within the framework of the Slavic Universities Project. The academic year started with the visit of a representative delegation of RAU Vice-Rectors, heads of scientific groups and institutes to SPbPU, during which it was possible to agree on all the main directions of joint work for the coming years.

During the official meeting RAU Rector Edward Sandoyan and SPbPU Rector Andrei Rudskoi positively assessed the achieved results and discussed the most important priorities for 2024-2025. Among them is the organization of youth cooperation and student mobility between the two universities.

The task of the university is to teach students, and provide them with all opportunities for development. For students, mobility, the possibility of internships, contacts with guys from other universities is something that broadens their horizons, reveals their potential. It gives an opportunity to develop professional ties and even personal friendships for life. For almost ten years of strategic partnership we and RAU have worked out all the necessary joint mechanisms, now it is important to apply them correctly for the development of student mobility, emphasized Andrei Rudskoi during the meeting.

Both parties considered the development of cooperation in terms of joint graduate schools and formation of joint dissertation councils to be a priority. Library cooperation, integration of databases and electronic access systems, mutual exchange of IT solutions, methods and innovations in librarianship will be an integral part of joint scientific activities. All these tasks, along with other activities, the current scientific groups of SPbPU and RAU have planned for practical implementation in 2024-2025. The final roadmap of joint activities amounted to 28 pages and was signed by Rectors Andrei Rudskoi and Edward Sandoyan.

The RAU team is determined to expand cooperation with SPbPU. I have instructed my team to work out all joint activities that can be funded. We will be attentive to the activities included in the roadmap, as they are a priority for both parties, said Edward Sandoyan after the signing.

Andrei Rudskoi was presented with a diploma and the mantle of Honorary Doctor of the Russian-Armenian University.

The RAU Rector was shown the university divisions that represent the potential for new areas of partnership in the future. Alexander Plemnek, Director of the Information and Library Complex of SPbPU, spoke about the work of the ILC and the use of modern technologies in the organization of archives.

Young researchers and engineers of the Industrial Systems of Stream Data Processing laboratory told about their projects for solving urban transportation and logistics problems. This is a very urgent problem for Yerevan and such joint work of the two universities for the benefit of their cities can be very much in demand.

Although the visit was very busy, Edward Sandoyan managed to find time to get acquainted with the technologies of the online laboratory campus at the Open Education Center, as well as to visit the Boiling Point in the hydro tower. The working discussion of the RAU Rector with Vice-Rector Dmitry Arseniev and heads of departments, which are already implementing joint activities with colleagues from RAU — Director of the Higher School of Business Administration Olga Vlasova, Director of IE&T Alexander Korotkov, Director of GSI Natalia Chicherina, Director of IIME&T Vladimir Shchepinin, Director of the Higher School of Physics and Technology Sergey Redko, Program Director of Boiling Point — Polytechnic Sergey Salkutsan — was very informative.

“We talked today not only about achievements, but also about problems, difficulties. As you know, they are always there — they do not happen only if you do nothing. Our roadmap, which was signed today by the rectors — it is 28 pages! And we are responsible for making sure that it is implemented as effectively as possible. This requires a direct and honest dialog between managers and executors. Exactly such a dialog took place today”, summarized the results of the meeting Vice-Rector for International Activities Dmitry Arseniev.

“SPbPU is powerful, strong, active, alive. Students, youth, science, symposiums, seminars. There is something going on everywhere, everything is at the highest level. The park from tsarist times, the buildings, the museum are great. I’m very pleased to be here. We have signed a roadmap that includes a huge number of joint activities. These are mobility of students and professors, joint scientific activities, and activities for the development of educational processes. RAU is now functioning in such a mode that Polytechnic University acts as our Russian curator for the development program. We are effective partners in both science and education. Many of our professors have been living in your team for a long time, if I may say so, teaching, doing joint research, publishing scientific articles in leading journals. We are gladly ready to live in the same space and time because it enriches and strengthens us”, Edward Sandoyan shared his impressions of the visit to Polytechnic.

Due to his scientific and professional interests, the RAU Rector paid special attention to the interaction in the field of economics, finance and management. At the working meeting held in the «Economic Tower» on Novorossiyskaya Street, the Director of IIME&T Vladimir Shchepinin presented the achievements of the Institute, emphasizing the potential of cooperation in the dissertation councils. Edward Sandoyan supported this idea and also spoke about the possibilities of attracting leading professors-practitioners from RAU to teach at SPbPU. During the tour around the IIME&T campus, the best practices of organizing a modern scientific and educational space for young people were presented. The RAU Rector familiarized himself with the recently opened Information Technology and Business Analysis Center of Gazprom Neft, as well as scientific and educational laboratories and spaces.

Afterwards, RAU Rector Edward Sandoyan delivered a lecture on «Integration of Financial Institutions and Markets of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia in the New Realities» for the students of IIME&T.

Source: SPbPU