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Chinese Vice Minister of Education and his delegation visited KATRU


China's Vice-Minister of Education, Mr. Sun Yao, visited the Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University (KATRU) in Astana along with a high-level delegation.  

The Chinese delegation included the Director General of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) of the Ministry of Education of China Mr. Ma Jianfei, the Head of the Europe and Central Asia Division of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department Mr. Liu Jianqing, the Head of the Cross-Border Educational Partnership and Management Division of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges Ms. Mao Dongmin, Secretary to the Sun Vice Minister Mr. Zhang Jinlin, Deputy Head of the Europe and Central Asia Division of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department Ms. Bi Huanhuan, Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Wang Tao.

Representatives of the Northwestern University of Agriculture and Forestry (NUAF) of the People's Republic of China were also part of the delegation.

Chinese guests visited different parts of KATRU, they spoke to students and staff in different laboratories of the university and observed agricultural products which were on display. Students and researchers were very excited to see the Chinese minister and his team at the University. The Chinese delegation spoke to 14 KATRU students who studied at the NUAF, China.

KATRU Rector Professor Kanat Maratovich Tireuov thanked Vice-Minister Sun Yao and the Vice President of the NUAF China, Professor Luo Jun, for their visit to KATRU. Professor Tireuov briefed the guests about the structure, achievements and activities of KATRU.

At present, 22 KATRU students are studying in China under an exchange program with the NUAF. A joint Master's degree program in Food Science and Technology is also launched between the two institutions. Next year, KATRU will send four of its students to NUAF in the second semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Luo Jun, the Vice President of the NUAF said that the partnership between the two universities that began in 2016 has been successful. He said the joint master's degree programs will contine and both universities are now focusing on joint research in areas such as food safety.

Vice Minister Sun Yao, appreciated the joint activities and achievements of both universities. He expressed confidence in fruitful work between the agricultural scientists of the two countries. He also advised to focus on agriculture and the mutual exchange of knowledge between the teaching staff and researchers of Kazakhstan and China.

KATRU Rector Professor Tireuov presented the S. Seifullin medals to the guests.

Source: KATRU